Artwork for vehicle wraps and printing

Our experienced creative team can undertake your complete vehicle wrapping project for initial design concept to the finished vehicle wrap.If you wish to provide your own artwork, we have created a guide to assist you in how to provide the files.

What artwork is usable

Artwork can be in either of the following formats: AI, EPS or PDF

Vector Files

Vector files should be saved as .ai or .eps with all fonts converted to outlines. Where possible these files should be opened in Adobe Illustrator, scaled to finished size with colours set to a pantone reference. Areas that are required to be 100% black should have 75% cyan with 50% M&Y added. Greys should have a percentage of CMKY to give a solid appearance with minimum banding. Any bitmap images should be embedded at a resolution detailed below and set as CMYK. This kind of artwork is the most reliable and easy adjusted.

Bitmap files

Where possible we request that files are left as a layered PSD file. This will give us the ability to move individual areas should they be too close to the door handles etc. Bitmap images can also be saved as a tiff or jpeg files. If you have an image that is greyscale or has been created using only black it should be converted to RGB and then to CMYK. This will print your black and white images using all the process colour achieving smooth grey tones with no banding.
If complicated colour matching is required please supply your job as a layered PSD file with each layer rasterised. If these steps are followed printing from a bitmap is a reliable process.


To achieve the best results from our vehicle print system, images should be set at 75dpi when scaled up to full size, this will minimise file space whilst retaining maximum quality.


When work has been saved as detailed above, our print system will output to the manufacturers present representation of a colour. This is what manufacturer consider to be the closest all roundest up for good colour reproduction.
In reality, no digital print machine can be expected to print an exact colour match without the operator making adjustments. If we are instructed to make sure specific colours are a close match our skilled operators will make required adjustments.

Potential problems to be aware of

Always supply a hard copy to ensure your printed job is exactly as you require it. The colours on your computer screen will usually appear different to the CMYK values making up your colour (as an example a colour saved as 100% magenta 100% cyan may look blue on your screen but is, and will print purple on any point process. Try to supply Pantone references and explain if these are just guides or to be colour matched closely.

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