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All you need to know about vinyl wraps

At S6 Wraps we offer a unique wrapping service, from full. digitally printed wraps to colour changes. If you need any further information click the contact us button.

What is a vinyl wrap?

Frequently asked questions

What are vinyl wraps?

Vinyl wrap is a thin sheet of self-adhesive vinyl that is simply applied to a vehicle. We offer you a choice of 1000s of colours and patterns to adhere to the vehicle, taking care to lay the vinyl around the curves, flares and contours of the vehicle. We even offer a full design service from start to finish to achieve the exact look that you want.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the finish that is required, to fully wrap a car will cost from £1000 to £3,500. The cost varies depending on the size of the car, the complexity of areas that require wrapping (i.e spoiler, side skirts and bumpers) the colour and finish that you choose for example Matte, Satin, Gloss, Pearlescent, Metallic, Chrome. 

S6 Wraps Vinyl Wraps guide price

Part wrap

This is a great way to transform small details to your vehicle

  • Roof and wing mirror wraps 
  • Black packs including window trims, grilles, diffusers 
  • Decals and stripes 
  • Dechrome
  • Sign writing

From £120

(prices exclude VAT)

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half wrap

Growing business, growing needs.

  • Half Wraps are aimed more towards businesses with vans that want to get their company noticed on the road
  • Changing the bottom half colour of your vehicle is a good way to give it a unique look
  • Digitally designed half wraps to make your business stand out from the rest
  • If you don’t quite think you will benefit from a full wrap then wrapping half of the vehicle maybe the option for you
  • Classy and subtle way to get your company recognised 

From £600

(prices exclude VAT)

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full wrap

Need more? Don’t worry, we’re here.

  • Full digitally designed wraps applies to all vehicles, we can design a wrap for anything and everything
  • Make your business really stand out with a full designed, eye catching wrap 
  • Have you found the perfect new car but you don’t like the colour? A full colour change wrap to the colour you want may be the answer 
  • Full wraps protect the vehicles original paintwork from being damaged
  • If a vehicles panel is damaged, unlike paint you wont need to paint more panels than needed, just replace the damaged panel and its back to new again

From £1200

(prices exclude VAT)

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Will the wrap damage my paintwork?

During the application process, our experienced team of application technicians are careful not to damage the paintwork of your car, and we do not cut material directly on the paintwork. The films that we use will not directly damage the vehicles paintwork, however you would need to ensure that your vehicle’s paintwork is of a sound and OEM quality.


The car has accident repair areas, will this cause a problem?

Depending on the quality of the repair work, this can also cause problems. Quite often, accident repairs, and especially the painting process, are not carried out to the original manufacturers exact standards. We cannot offer any form of guarantee against paint or lacquer lift during the removal of a wrap unless we have provided this in writing prior to the wrap being applied.

Do you wrap the inside of the car?

As standard, our colour change wraps are ‘kerbside wraps’. This means that when the car is parked or being driven, the exterior paintwork of the car is fully wrapped in the colour and finish of your choice. Door shuts, and interior areas are not wrapped as standard, but can be chosen as an add-on, in most cases when wrapping the door shuts we carefully remove the doors to ensure the highest quality finish is produced, this enables us to finish the door shut seamlessly with the outside out the car so there are no joins for dirt to get trapped into and helps achieve the paint like finish to the overall wrap.

About Vinyl Wraps

Does it fade?

The colour of the wrap films we use are light fast for more than seven years, so there won’t be any noticeable fading during this period.

How do I wash a car once wrapped?

We recommend that you wash your car by hand. We advise against mechanical car washes, as the abrasive action can have a negative effect on the wrapping film. Always take care when using chemicals or detergents to clean your car.

Can vinyl wraps be removed?

Definitely, and this is a key benefit of vehicle wrapping vs painting. At any time during the future, the wrap film can be removed to reveal the car’s OEM paintwork.

Vinyl Wraps

How long does it take to vinyl wrap my car?

We will need your car for 2-5 days to complete an external wrap. This will allow us time to clean and prepare the car, removing any exterior parts like lights, door handles and badges. Once wrapped, we then quality check and ensure that the wrap meets our high standards before notifying you it is ready for collection.

Who do I need to inform about my vehicle wrap?

Your insurance company – It is important that you advise your insurance company that you have had your vehicle part/fully wrapped. This way should you be in the unfortunate position of having an accident or need to make a claim on your insurance, they are aware of the costs and materials that will need to be replaced.

You will also need to inform the DVLA – Since June 2014 the DVLA have stated they must be aware of any colour change to your vehicle. It is only a matter of sending off the V5 certificate with the change of colour and they will send you an updated V5 Registration certificate free of charge.

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