About Air Ride

When it comes to achieving the perfect stance for your vehicle, you have three options: lowering springs, coilovers or air suspension. 

​For years, coilovers were the preferred solution because of their adjustable damping and, in some cases, ride height. Today, performance air suspension provides all the same benefits as coilovers, but is unmatched in its versatility and adjustability. Air suspension is the only suspension choice that allows you to easily adjust ride height on-the-fly with the touch of a button. 

The main advantages to air ride are:

• Slam it down for an aggressive show stance that is lower than any coilover.

• Raise it up to clear road obstacles like speed bumps or steep angle transitions.

• Enhance your ride quality for comfort using damping and air pressure adjustments.

• Create a track ready set-up with stiff damping, progressive-rate air springs & adjustable camber.


Air ride gives you the ability to create the best stance for your car without the worry of damaging the under side of the vehicle by driving low static. Air ride is the new standard amongst show cars as nothing else comes close to this look.


Boot Builds

​S6 Wraps finish the boot builds with the customer in mind, we make everything as   accessible as possible whilst maintaining the OEM finish. You can also go to the next level with a custom full air ride/audio boot build.